Conor Bateman
February 25, 2021 — By Conor Bateman

You Will See Me

A five-channel video installation made in collaboration with filmmaker Sari Braithwaite for the Australian Centre of the Moving Image (ACMI).

“The camera doesn’t just capture us, it frames who we are and how we’re seen. Since the camera became more accessible in the mid-20th century, artists and amateurs alike have turned the lens on themselves to create a stage both private and public. This tradition is continued, amplified and transformed through reality TV, the internet and social media, the latest forms to use straight-to-camera techniques to share our common humanity, project authenticity and illuminate how a sense of self can be constructed through the moving image.”

You Will See Me is on display as part of ACMI’s signature exhibition The Story of the Moving Image, which opened 12 February 2021.

Work created by Sari Braithwaite, Conor Bateman, Field Carr.
Curators: Julia Murphy and Chelsey O’Brien

Original score: Munro Melano
Sound Mix: Lachlan Harris
Music Mix: Joel Woolf