Conor Bateman
July 14, 2020 — By Conor Bateman

Hyperlinks URL: A Static Vision Online Festival

A livestreamed film festival I co-programmed and cut the trailer for in mid 2020.

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Hyperlinks URL (July 10-12) was the first online festival from Static Vision, a local collective who have been presenting Australian and NSW premiere screenings of important international films (the Academy Award nominated Hale County This Morning, This Evening and Long Day’s Journey Into Night among them) since October 2018. It is a re-imagining of the physical Hyperlinks festival held in February in Sydney.

Hyperlinks URL screened 16 feature films and 8 short films online for free, available to view worldwide. The festival also featured a retrospective program on the work of artist Lawrence Lek, opening night musical performances from GFOTY and Mincy, and an all-night marathon co-programmed with Pink Flamingo Cinema and Trash Night.

Features Screened

Tourism (dir. Daisuke Miyazaki, Japan)
Empty Metal (dir. Adam Khalil & Bayley Sweitzer, USA) – Australian Premiere
Life Imitation (dir. Chen Zhou, China) – Australian Premiere
TFW NO GF (dir. Alex Lee Moyer, USA) – Australian Premiere
s01e03 (dir. Kurt Walker, Canada/USA)
Sakawa (dir. Ben Asamoah, Belgium/the Netherlands)
Fighting in the Age of Loneliness (dir. Jon Bois, USA)
Jobe’z World (dir. Michael M. Bilandic, USA)
0s & 1s (dir. Eugene Kotlyarenko, USA)
Expect No Mercy (dir. Zane Dalen, Canada)
Mangoshake (dir. Terry Chiu, Canada) – Australian Premiere
Sinofuturism (1839 – 2046 AD) (dir. Lawrence Lek, UK)
AIDOL 爱道 (dir. Lawrence Lek, UK)
No Data Plan (dir. Miko Revereza, USA/the Philippines) – Australian Premiere
L.A. Tea Time (dir. Sophie Bédard Marcotte, Canada)
The Human Surge (dir. Eduardo Williams, Argentina)

Short Films Screened

UMWELT (dir. Jess Johnson and Simon Ward, Australia/New Zealand)
WEBWURLD (dir. Jess Johnson and Simon Ward, Australia/New Zealand)
Mnemonic Pulse (dir. Jess Johnson and Simon Ward, Australia/New Zealand)
Terminus VR – Fleshold Crossing 360 (dir. Jess Johnson and Simon Ward, Australia/New Zealand)
A Room with a Coconut View (dir. Tulapop Saenjaroen, Thailand)
Geomancer (dir. Lawrence Lek, UK)
The Sasha (dir. María Molina Peiró, The Netherlands)
Digital Trauma (and the Crystal Image) (dir. María Molina Peiró, The Netherlands) – Australian Premiere

Hyperlinks Team

Programmers: Felix Hubble + Conor Bateman

Associate Programmers: Ingrid Dieckman + Kai Perrignon

Web Design: Eleanor Smith + Felix Hubble

Marketing and Publicity Adviser: Jessica Ellicott

In-Festival Animations: Ryan Boserio

Music Animators: Sharni Hodge (GFOTY), Jeremy Elphick (Mincy + Static Vision Sound System – Opening Night) + Eleanor Smith (Static Vision Sound System – Closing Night)

Grid Animation: Eleanor Smith

Associate Livestream Producer: Olivia Bennett

Programming Notes: Felix Hubble, Conor Bateman, Eleanor Smith + Kai Perrignon (with additional thanks to Queensland Film Festival, Rhizome and Lucinda Mason)

Trailer: Conor Bateman

Music: Felix Hubble

Q+As: Conor Bateman, Jeremy Elphick, Eleanor Smith, Felix Hubble, Ingrid Dieckmann, Kai Perrignon, Samuel Harris, Ayuka Shirao + Keva York

Translator: Ayuka Shirao