Conor Bateman
December 9, 2021 — By Conor Bateman

Analects of Kung Phu

An 85-minute video installation I edited for artist Jason Phu, supported by the Mordant Family Moving Image Commission.

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“Aside from bareknuckle action and breakneck stunts, martial arts and wuxia films are packed with wisdom and life lessons. Artist Jason Phu has reclaimed these wise sayings and remixed them into a moving image philosophy for surviving contemporary life. Divided into chapters featuring insights and meditations from different movies, TV shows and videogames, Analects of Kung Phu: Book 1, The 69 Dialogues between the Lamp and the Shadow offers a guide to ourselves and society taught by action stars and movie heroes. “

Analects of Kung Phu was on display at the Australian Centre of the Moving Image (ACMI) from December 2, 2021 until January 30, 2022 as part of the Mordant Family Moving Image Commission for young Australian artists.

Work created by Jason Phu and edited by Conor Bateman.

Curator: Chelsey O’Brien

A list of titles featured in Analects of Kung Phu can be found here.