Conor Bateman

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Film Writing

The Mise en scène is the Message – The Advertisements of Errol Morris and Roy Andersson (4:3)

Suburban Purgatory: On the listless summer of Tu dors Nicole (Fandor Keyframe)

The Video Essay as Art: 11 Ways to Make a Video Essay (Fandor Keyframe)

Review: Hit 2 Pass (4:3)

Review: The Royal Road (4:3)

Review: Court (MIFF)

Queen of Earth – An Interview with Director Alex Ross Perry (4:3)

An Interview with James Benning (4:3)


The Secret Video Essays of Jenni Olson (Fandor Keyframe)

Vincent (The Lifted Brow)

Terrence Malick’s City Symphony (Fandor Keyframe)

You Can Change Your Nickname Only Twice: Identity in the films of Yorgos Lanthimos (MIFF)

Phanosland – From A Different City, On A Lonely Bus [Music Video]

Songtourage – Wrecking Ball [Music Video]